Whitehouse.gov is built with WordPress

Not quite bragging but I am pretty happy to learn that WordPress has grown to a point that it can handle the complexities of a very large government website.

I hadn’t realized the official White House website had switched to WordPress back in 2017.

The White House website gets an extraordinary amount of traffic and they obviously have a need for very strong security, speed, reliability, and flexibility. In many language versions. They also need to be able to change content very quickly from time to time. Since WordPress is up to that challenge I feel comfortable saying it can handle your website needs as well.

Here’s a quote from WordPress wiz Sarah Gooding

In keeping with the multilingual and accessibility features implemented on the Biden-Harris transition team website, whitehouse.gov launched with toggles for contrast and font size, along with a Spanish language switcher. The relaunched site also includes an accessibility statement with a commitment from the administration to work towards conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, level AA criteria.

Source: WPTavern

This comes as no surprise by the way. WordPress is the engine that drives many large company websites as well as many more very small company sites.


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