How to get to the WordPress Dashboard from the Block Editor

Just a head’s up for people who are used to WordPress aren’t used to the Block Editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg) interface. Turns out there’s a simple but non-obvious way to navigate back to the Dashboard.

If you’re used to older Classic Editor interface the Admin bar is always at the top of the page and the Sidebar is always… well… on the side.

When you’re in the Block Editor WordPress hides both the admin bar and the sidebar. That’s.. ok… unless you want to do anything other than edit the current page. For instance when you’ve got to make changes on many pages, posts, events, products, etc.

The trick, I finally figured out, is to click on the WordPress icon in the top left corner of the screen.

The problem, though, is that every long-time WordPress user knows the WordPress icon in the dashboard is a link to the “About WordPress” page. Most of us had to learn to avoid clicking that icon when we were trying to click the nearby “Visit Site” link.

As you can see, below, identical icons do very different things. One icon you’l almost always want to click, the other you’ll typically want to avoid.

Return to the Dashboard
Click the WordPress icon here to return to the Dashboard
Vist the About WordPress link
Click this WordPress icon to go to the “About WordPress” page!

Anyway, the rules turn out to be very simple

  • In the Block Editor you click the WordPress icon if you want to go to the Dashboard
  • When you’re in the Dashboard don’t click the WordPress icon unless you really, really want to see “About WordPress.” Again.

Note: if you dig around long enough in the Block Editor options you can find an option that will keep the Dashboard and Admin bar visible. That might be a best of both worlds options.

Here’s how show the Sidebar and Admin bar in the block editor

  1. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper left corner
  2. Click “Fullscreen mode”
Image has arrows to the three-dot icon and Fullscreen mode option.


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