Good news! WordPress 3.9 dramatically improves posting photos and editing text!

There’s so much to like about the new WordPress 3.9.  If you’re a RealBasics maintenance client your site’s already been backed up, security checked, optimized, and updated to 3.9.  (If you’re not a maintenance client then give us a call!)


  • Much more mobile friendly interfaces!
  • Improved visual editing — better format options, more mobile friendly.
  • Add photos by dragging and dropping from your desktop! (No “Add Media” button required for most images!)
  • Easy image editing too!  (Resize just by dragging to name just one new feature!)
  • Gallery previews (no more guessing what’s in the big yellow box!)
  • Paste text formatted from your favorite word processors, email, even other websites!  (No more “Paste from Word!”)
  • Lots of behind-the-scenes features for the techies and nerds at and elsewhere.

We say check it out.


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David Innes,

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