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Ideal Clients

Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website

Websites are more important than EVER! Unless you’re not interested in growing your business or brand, you need a website. The ease of the online community today is a major threat for businesses that are behind the times. Research has shown that more customers research shops online more than they do just walking in. “Of…

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Ideal Client: Public Speaker Sites

Do you know a popular public speaker that needs a new and up-to-date website? We love working with speakers of all kind to help create a modern and simple site that gets their point across and their audience interested. One of our clients is   Site owner Nikki Rausch wanted a site that would showcase…

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Ideal Client: Established Materials Sciences Sub-contractors

Ideal clients for Website Updates: Materials Sciences Subcontractors

Well-established materials science sub-contractors might have thousands of clients for their specialized products and services… or if they’re in aerospace they might only have one or two!  Their marketing might be low-key, even word of mouth, and once established they may even have been doing business with the same procurement reps year after year. Times change though.…

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