We love building modern, high-performance, low-maintenance websites.  

We're pretty good at helping you protect, update, and grow your existing website too.

We create economical websites that give you total control over your online marketing with a special focus on generating usable leads that are most likely to become paying customers.  While we build new websites and fix old ones so that customers can operate their sites independently, we offer optional “one-stop-shop” professional services and support to help you get the most out of your online marketing.


Website Updates, Upgrades and Repairs

Does your small to medium-size website’s copyright date still says 2010… or 2009… or 2006? Then what else on your site is out of date? I’ll help you convert your old site to a new, easy to edit and extend WordPress website.

Updated and upgraded examples include

We also upgrade existing FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or other HTML-only websites to WordPress. How do you know if it’s a good idea to upgrade your site to WordPress? If the copyright on your website still says 2005 or earlier then it’s probably still a useful site (because you’re still using it) but it’s also probably too hard to update with HTML-only tools.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

While we love to build modern, high-performance, low-maintenance websites we're also great at helping website owners protect, maintain, update, and extend their investment in their existing websites.

Should you consider website maintenance?

  • Are you a do-it-yourself-er who's run out of gas?
  • Have you lost contact with your former website developer?
  • Is your internal staff too busy to keep your site up to date?
  • Does your site still say "copyright © 2009" and you're not sure how to fix it?
  • Do you wish you had a virtual "web guy down the hall" you could call when you had questions or needed small fixes or new features?

If you say yes to any of these questions then a maintenance agreement might be right for you.

What would you get with a maintenance agreement?

  • Regular backups to a secure location
  • Regular software updates
  • Regular security scans to make sure your site remains *your* site.
  • Access to premium WordPress plugins and themes at no additional cost
  • On-demand consultation with dedicated local experts
  • Reduced rates on special development projects
  • Real-time monitoring of your website's health

Call (206) 390-8082 or email info@realbasics.com to find out why a maintenance agreement could be the cost-effective, time-saving, stress-relieving solution you've been looking for.


New and Revived Websites

Full-Featured Websites

Full-featured websites including outside graphic design consultation, custom themes, custom code development, and deep collaboration on interface design.


Basic Websites

Starter websites for small businesses, academic groups, and individuals! Based on WordPress: popular, modular open-source web software.  Your site might start out small but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Even very large companies and institutions use WordPress. So can you.

Basic Website examples include


Save Time, Money, Stress

Cost-effective, content-focused, leveraging your existing marketing materials including logos, advertising, brochures, and other promotional materials, using self-contained and user-maintainable software.

Make It Your Website!

You get to own the site. You or your staff can easily update and extend it. Your website becomes the central hub for online communication including all social media both coming (what other people say) and going (what you say on other social media), customer contacts like Constant Contact DRIP campaign, brochure and other document downloads, blogs and Twitter-like updates, testimonials, customer inquiries.

Focus on bringing you leads

The main purpose of any website has to be to encourage potential customers to contact you and to steer to avoid being contacted by people seeking services that you don't offer.


Recent Posts

Rusty lock hanging open on an old wooden gate

Three out-of-date plugins are responsible for 25% of all WordPress hacks

By Real Basics, LLC | May 19, 2016

Serious advice from the makers of the iThemes Security plugin A very interesting and helpful article was published by Sucuri that looks at security vulnerabilities. The article identifies the top 3 plugins that are left on sites OUTDATED and cause nearly 25% of the total WordPress compromised sites they see: TimThumb, Revslider, and Gravity Forms. Remember…

Screen shot of "uninstall Flash" popup box

The Days of Adobe Flash-Driven Websites are Seriously Numbered!

By Real Basics, LLC | May 17, 2016

According to the venerable tech website Ars Technica, Google has announced by the end of the year its Chrome browser will display Adobe Flash animations only if you actively click on them. By the end of the 2016 Chrome will disable Flash altogether! Google will be taking another step towards an HTML5-only Web later this year,…

One missed checkbox can lead to 47,000 spam users!

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 26, 2016

Did you know that if forget to click one checkbox during setup and anybody can create a visitor’s account on a WordPress website.  Anyone or ,unfortunately, any spambot.  Or, even more unfortunately, all of them! Most people, even beginners, figure out they should click that checkbox.  And theoretically it’s no big deal.  By default new accounts are…

Abracadabra Printing - Website Rescue

Abracadabra Printing — Site Rescue

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 22, 2016

The folks at Abracadabra Printing have decades of experience and do meticulous work.  In addition to top-notch printing they offer a truly incredible array of promotional products — imagine your brand printed, engraved, or stitched into just about anything from a tiny decal to water bottles, sports jerseys, banners, or, for successful after-IPO party, a fully-loaded…

"Abandoned Carousel" by Flickr contributor Jason Rogers.

Should you use a slider or carousel on your website?

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 21, 2016

Very simple website with both a title and URL that answers itself: Should I Use A Carousel? Slideshow widgets were an instant hit on websites when they came out years ago.  They were fun, they moved, and especially they were new!  And so people landing on a site would watch them. Now?  Not so much.…

Image of smoking network cable

Why we keep your backups on another server…

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 17, 2016

The phone call from a former client that made us take long-term maintenance seriously: “Do you have a backup of my website?  I accidentally deleted my site from my server!”  It’s not that easy to delete your whole site, but from time to time people do.  Not as catastrophically as the owner of a web…

New website: Pacifica Landscapes Seattle

New Website – Pacifica Landscapes

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 16, 2016

David Baxter of Pacifica Landscapes has come a long way from landscape architecture school in his native New Zealand to meticulously crafted outdoor living spaces in the Pacific Northwest.  We helped his website grow from a nice but out-of-date HTML site to a modern WordPress website meticulously designed by graphics and branding ace Josh Huisenga.

Shinn Mechanical - site recreation

Shinn Mechanical – Site Rebuild

By Real Basics, LLC | Apr 15, 2016

Shinn Mechanical is a large northwest mechanical contractor that specializes in custom pipe fabrication.  Their old site was out of date and subject to several successful hacks that knocked their site completely off line.   Basing our work on archived HTML content we rebuilt their site in WordPress, paying extra attention to security.

Link to stress-wave.com website

Stress-Wave.com — Standard Website

By Real Basics, LLC | Dec 9, 2015

Stress-Wave.com – a new standard website built by RealBasics.com.  Stress-wave is one of only a few companies in the world that performs a vital function: analyzing fatigue in materials where lives matter. But while their technology is state of the art they hadn’t updated their website in nearly 15 years. We rebuilt their site from scratch based…

Nihilistic Password Security Questions image from the awesome "This isn't Happiness" blog

Can you be too personal with “Personal Security Questions?”

By Real Basics, LLC | Oct 10, 2015

Short answer?  “Personal security questions” aren’t secure.  Irony, right?  Don’t use personal information to answer those”Personal Security” questions.   Mother’s “maiden” name? Hospital where you were born? First school you attended? Best friend in high school? Hmm. Let’s say someone was, oh, say, an identity thief. And let’s say they happened to have access to any of the 5,000+ lists…

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